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RGB Black Gen II
Adjust your rules of the game, discard limitations and experience the true natural essence with the updated 2E GAMING OGAMA II chair!
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Proven Design with Natural Body Support

The gaming design of the chair has been tested by millions gaming hours. The chair seems to envelop the body so that the user can concentrate on gaming, studying or working as much as possible. The ergonomics are so natural that you don’t want to get up from the chair. Sit on it for at least a minute to understand what a chair is, which knows what comfort and care for health are.

Discover the Power of Light

It is enough to adapt to others or be in the shadows. Control your emotions and style with the remote control and one of 12 monochrome modes. Use special dynamic lighting scenarios, change the brightness and speed of RGB lighting – now everyone can be themselves, showing individuality!

Freedom from Wires

Forget about restrictions! Throw away the wires that bind and limit! After all, now there is no need to connect the power cable to the PC. It is enough to simply connect the chair to the power bank, place the battery in a special pocket and freely shine to the full. And chairs with power cables – leave them in the era of dinosaurs!

Feel How the Chair Hugs

Exactly! This is a chair that seems to hug its happy owner while he is busy with business. This effect was achieved thanks to the high density foam filler. And it also distributes pressure evenly and takes the most optimal form for use. Checked. Material matters.

Reliability First

High quality and safe. It is enough to waste time on low quality chairs with weak frames. Get time-tested security and reliability. A completely metal frame with nylon straps guarantees reliable support and long-term use of the chair.

Size Matters

Anyone who says otherwise does not have enlarged and reinforced wheels with a diameter of 75 mm. After all, with such wheels, you feel greater support, mobility and comfort, which is difficult to convey in words, but so easy to feel!

A Chair for Any Life Challenge

Work, play or relax? Any solution is now possible! Choose the most comfortable position, adjust your own inclination angle from 90 to 180º.

The Era of 3D Armrests

Armrests 3D adjustment is a new level for hand comfort. Adjustment in three steps allows the hands not only to be in good shape, but also to perform all tasks more effectively, as if they have lost the counterbalance of gravity. Now competitors and opponents have fewer chances to win and succeed.

Velour Pillows That Know and Remember What Care Is

Velour pillows are the «hidden weapon» of this chair. After all, they make it possible not only to support the natural position of the body, but also to do it precisely in those points of the body where the greatest load is hidden. Now the collar and lumbar areas are completely safe, because they are guaranteed maximum support, and the body – comfort!

Enhanced Security

The chair base is ready for any loads and impacts. After all, it is made of a steel frame with nylon straps, which will carefully and firmly support during long gaming sessions or work meetings. And its metal cross is able to withstand the fiercest battles and longest journeys of its owner.

High Class Lift

The chair is ready for extreme operating conditions. Therefore, it is allowed to be very happy about victories, play actively and react uncontrollably! And all thanks to the 4th generation gas lift, which is still the best option for a gaming chair. Push the lever, set the height, and be sure that it will be securely held in this position, no matter who jumps for the joy of victory.

We Take Care of Ourselves – We Take Care of Nature

Eco leather is exactly what gamers need and something that does’'t harm the planet. Eco leather is easy to care for, resistant to wear and tear, does not absorb odors and allows air to pass through. We take care of the environment by taking care of ourselves!

The «Butterfly» Is on Guard of Comfort

Comfort in the details. The chair has a mechanism of the butterfly type, which allows you to rocking at an angle of up to 18°. The elasticity of the mechanism can be adjusted using a spring located under the seat. A conveniently located latch will fix the chair if there is a need for static support.
  • High density foam filler
  • Eco leather
  • 3D armrests
  • Connecting the chair to the power bank
  • Inclination angle from 90 to 180º
  • RGB lighting, remote control and 12 monochrome modes
  • Velour pillows with memory effect
  • Butterfly mechanism, which allows you to rocking at an angle of up to 18°
  • Gas lift of the 4th generation
  • Reinforced wheels with a diameter of 75 mm

2E Gaming Chair OGAMA RGB Black Gen II 2E-GC-OGA-BKRGB:

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  • Type
    Gaming chair
  • Maximum load, kg
  • Maximum height, cm
  • Base Design
    Crosspiece with rollers
  • Base material
  • Frame material
    Metal, nylon slings
  • Upholstery material
    PU leather
  • Rollers material
  • Rollers diameter, mm
  • Mechanism
  • Filler
    High density foam
  • RGB backlight
  • Armrests adjustment
  • Backrest adjustment
    Yes, from 90° to 180°
  • Gas lift class
  • Package contents
    Backrest, seat, armrests 2 pcs, lumbar cushion, headrest, tilt mechanism, backrest angle adjustment mechanism, backrest and seat connection mechanism, protective linings for backrest connection and adjustment mechanisms, gas lift, gas lift protective casing, base, rollers 5 pcs, remove controller, mounting kit, manual
  • Colour
  • Weight, kg
  • Manufactured
  • Warranty
    12 months


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