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KG370 RGB 68 Key
Gateron Red
A compact mechanical keyboard for those looking for quietness and concentration, maximum attention and soft smooth operation. For use both at home and in the office, where quiet switches will not create unnecessary noise for colleagues. Reliable and durable accessory with wide functionality thanks to key combinations and proprietary software.
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Size Advantages

2E Gaming KG370 is designed in 65% format and comes with a detachable USB cable, so the keyboard is very convenient to carry and take with you when traveling. Keyboard shortcuts allow this compact accessory to function as a full-size keyboard.

Use without restrictions

The versatile design and high-quality engraving of the symbols guarantee the versatility of the 2E Gaming KG370. This model will be equally effective for gaming, work and learning.

For maximum attention

50 million clicks are an amazing resource for Gaterone red switches (K9 series). Their quiet work will be beneficial for those who love games, where you need to listen and remain invisible. It is also a good choice for work or play in a company or at night when everyone is relaxing.

Drive at your fingertips

With the help of powerful software, the user can control the RGB-backlighting of the keyboard: select scenarios, adjust brightness and speed. Improve your gaming mood and complete creative work tasks, decorate your workspace and reveal your personality with just the press of a key or two.

Don’t hold back the passion

The massive, durable ABS plastic keyboard case is reinforced with a metal plate. It is able to withstand even very active gamer’s emotions. With the help of rubberized folding legs you can also set the optimal working height, they will hold the accessory in place, no matter how quickly the player presses the buttons.

Gateron Red Switch

Structure: Linear
Sound: Quite
Actuation force: 45 g (+/- 15 g)
Travel distance: 2 mm
Keystroke life: 50 Million


Keyboard with flexible settings

2E Gaming KG370 keyboard is compatible with Windows 10/7 and older, Linux, MacOS. Just plug in – start working!
  • Compact design
  • Button resource: 50 million clicks
  • Ukrainian engraving
  • Proprietary software
  • Reinforced body
  • Rubberized folding legs
  • RGB backlit for keyboard and symbols
  • Gateron Red Switches (K9 Series)
  • Two levels of height adjustment

2E Gaming Keyboard KG370 RGB 68 Key Gateron Red Switch Black 2E-KG370UBK-RD:


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