The laconic 4in1 cable holder continues the brand’s gaming style and will help you to achieve great results in any game. After all, the most important thing for each gamer is thoughtful and comfortable battlestation, and this accessory is guaranteed to securely fix the mouse wire to ensure the fastest and most accurate movements.

Moreover, an ergonomic silicone cable holder with a removable mouse clip provide perfect cable organization, keeping them securely fixed on the work surface, while not taking up much desk space. Also, the Bungee Scorpio is heavy enough and has a rubberized non-slip surface that fixes it firmly on the desk. That means no more uncontrolled and accidental movements that can push you back from victory.

Choose your colour of the game with 7-mode RGB lighting with a single tap on the touch sensor on the holder base. However, if you want to turn off the backlight just press the touch button. It is so cool; each game session will be even more exciting and atmospheric now!

In addition, a USB hub with three ports and SD-card slot make it easier to connect additional devices or quickly charge your smartphone. Just plug it into the holder and go on playing.

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