The magic is concentrated at the fingertips… In the transparent case of the 2E Gaming keyboard KG345, multi-colored flashes are raging, guaranteeing the user the brightest gaming experience! The wired keyboard has nine modes of RGB illumination, which can also be further adjusted: the color speed and the light brightness can be changed and adjusted. The model is made in the popular 65% form factor: 68 keys with a resource of 10 million clicks, 19 of which are Anti-Ghosting, the most complex combinations will be correctly processed by the software, so the avid gamer can easily demonstrate all his gaming skills! But KG345 is not only a reliable “weapon” for victorious battles. Also, the accessory will come in handy for work or study, because due to soft typing, the model is optimal for typing.

2E Gaming keyboards KG345 are in the warehouse and available to order. So, don’t waste time – feel the magic by touch!

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