The range of 2E gaming keyboards has been expanded to include two new models, in which the developers have successfully combined the benefits of membrane accessories with full gaming functionality: 2E Gaming KG300 and 2E Gaming KG325.

These full-size rugged keyboards, made of ABS plastic, hold securely on the table thanks to rubberized legs. Both models are equipped with a rainbow LED backlight, that emphasizes their gaming nature, and which can be controlled by selecting the desired scenario and setting the desired level of speed and brightness.
The keyboards have 104 superfast keys with incredible response and a resource of 10 million keystrokes. In the 2E Gaming KG325 they click and feel like mechanical switches. Thanks to its pseudomechanical design this membrane keyboard gives a clear tactile response and maximum accuracy when typing texts or movements in the game, but retains low cost.

And the 2E Gaming KG300 feature is the presence of ten multimedia keys that make it easy for the user to «communicate» with the computer, and is equipped with an Anti-Ghosting system, which allows you to press up to 25 buttons at a time. In addition, all of them will be «heard» and there will be no sticking of keys.
The new models have Ukrainian engraving and are convenient for long-term use both during game sessions and study or work. Thanks to the universal design, they will fit into both the home play space and the office workplace. They will inspire uncompromising victories and creativity.

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