New 2E professional microphones are now available for order. 2E Gaming Kodama KIT and 2E Gaming Kumo Pro models will be useful for bloggers, gamers, streamers, musicians, dubbing actors due to their wide functionality. Streaming and music recordings, podcasts and vlogs are guaranteed to have quality sound.

2E Gaming Kodama KIT features a high-frequency cardioid polar pattern, which greatly expands the possibilities of its use. To prevent anything extra from getting into the final sound product, the developers equipped the microphone with a shockproof mount and a removable pop filter to eliminate vibrations and noise.

2E Gaming Kumo Pro has four polar patterns and stylish LED indication. This microphone is equipped with adjustable RGB lighting, so the user also gets visual pleasure while working.

Both models come with convenient, secure stands, and connect to laptops and PCs using Plug-and-Play technology, so the user has no need for complex settings or the use of additional software.

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