Stylish and lightweight 2E GAMING glasses are now even more functional. The packaging in an updated design hides a universal solution – glasses and two additional pairs of colored overlays on the frames for them, which can be easily changed depending on clothing style or mood. And the napkin of increased size will make the accessory care even more convenient.


  • stylish design and premium quality materials;
  • universal shape that fits both men and women;
  • eyes protection from over-fatigue;
  • reduce the impact of blue radiation by 40%;
  • anti-glare lens coating with UV protection function;
  • scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses;
  • wide application possibilities – for games, studying, working on a PC, while watching TV, content on a smartphone or being in the sun;
  • a bright hard protective cover and a large napkin for lens care in the kit;
  • changeable color overlays on brackets.


  • The glasses are equipped with two pairs of additional pads on the frames: yellow and red. They can be easily changed depending on the clothing style or mood.
  • A large napkin made of artificial suede for better care.
  • Updated packaging design: glasses attract more attention, even in the box.

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