We offer a universal assortment of cooling for the 2E GAMING AIR COOL processor with controlled ARGB illumination, which will complement the computer system and ensure the optimal temperature regime during operation.

Cooling the computer system and organizing an effective temperature environment for the components is relevant regardless of the season.

When system components are overheated, their work performance and durability decreases. As a result, components operating at excessive temperatures fail faster, and therefore their service life is reduced. It is worth remembering that without proper ventilation and cooling, the computer system will become ineffective and may turn off at the most critical moment due to overload.

The main criteria for the organization of the air-cooling system for the processor:

  • since the components will be placed in the case in the future, it is worth familiarizing yourself with its specification and determining the location of the ventilation holes, how many built-in fans are available and the possibility of installing various cooling (air, liquid, etc.). If there are panels made of glass that do not have holes, it is necessary to predict how the heat exchange will be carried out in order to avoid overheating of the system;
  • in order to choose the appropriate air cooling for the processor, it is important to know the TDP indicator for both the processor and the cooler, the height of the radiator of the cooler with heat pipes. The above parameters are specified in the specifications of the case, processor and cooler. It is necessary to plan the placement in such a way that there is a free space of 2-3 mm between the side panel of the case and the heat pipes of the cooler. It is also important to consider the shape of the cooler and make sure that the elements of its design will not interfere with the components on the motherboard. For compact pods with processor cooling height restrictions, you should choose a low-profile cooler model;
  • the presence and number of heat pipes significantly affects the quality of cooling. The liquid in the heat pipes heats up and turns into steam, removes excessive heat from the processor to the aluminum radiator, and then, in the form of condensate, returns to its original state. Four or more heat pipes are the optimal number for a tower air cooler;
  • before starting the system, it is important to check whether the fans (inflow and outflow) are installed correctly: air is renewed through the front/partially lower panels, and the heated air is released through the upper and rear panels. It is necessary to pay attention to the presence of dust filters that prevent contamination of the interior of the case and to the possibility of cleaning or replacing the fans without excessive effort.

Cooling for the 2E GAMING AIR COOL processor with controlled RGB (ARGB) lighting

  • a compact cooler with a silent 120 mm fan that has eleven blades and a hydraulic bearing. The fan speed indicator is 800-1700+/-10% rpm, while the noise level does not exceed 19.4-33.8+/-10% dBA. For comparison: the range of noise level for human perception from 20 to 40 dBA is practically inaudible / quiet. The hydraulic bearing ensures stable and quiet operation, does not overheat under high loads and, unlike other types of bearings, is designed for a longer period of active operation.
  • the aluminum radiator of the cooler has a classic tower shape and a height of 154 mm. The design is compact and does not interfere with the system components located on the motherboard. 154-158 mm is a standard indicator of the height of the cooler, which can be placed in Mid Tower and Mini Tower format cases. A radiator with a special black coating that includes ceramic particles for active heat dissipation and efficient processor cooling. TDP cooler 150W;

  • the special design of the radiator plates protects them from deformation. The segments between the plates in the side sections of the radiator reliably fix them in a static position;
  • four 6mm copper heat pipes are embedded directly on the surface of the base, using the technology of direct contact with the surface of the processor DTH (Direct Touch Heatpipes). Design features of the polished base of the cooler increase the efficiency of heat removal;

  • the cooler comes with convenient mounting on current sockets, it is not difficult to install and dismantle (if necessary), thermal paste with a thermal conductivity >1.63 W/M-K. If desired, it is possible to replace it with thermal paste from the 2E range with a higher thermal conductivity and improve cooling performance. The instructions for the device contain detailed information on the configuration and installation on the indicated sockets;
  • connectors for connecting a fan with ARGB backlight: 2510-4PIN/+ 5V 3PIN RGB. It is possible to set mono mode (lighting in one color) or RGB lighting mode and synchronize it with the lighting colors of the system components when connected to the motherboard.

Bright controllable RGB (ARGB) fan lighting, compact standard tower form of aluminum radiator with black coating, which provides effective heat removal in the middle of a limited space, base with direct contact of heat pipes with the processor and affordable cost of the cooler are significant arguments for choosing 2E GAMING AIR COOL (2E-AC120D4-ARGB).

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