The case is the basis of the computer systems that unites all components into one the whole. It depends on how successful your choice will be clear PC operation.

Universal 2E Gaming range is a current offer at the same time for work, office, home computer system and game station. Today the word ” gaming ” is a synonym everything progressive and functional.

Current suggestions for those who chooses compact housing for the game room or working stations from assortment of 2E GAMING:

2E Gaming CALLEO case

The 2E Gaming CALLEO (GB700) case has reliable construction chassis and rational organization internal space that guarantees active blowing of ” hot ” components, under load and in standard mode.

Behind the grid the front panel built-in 3x120mm ARGB fans. Change modes their illumination, speed of revolutions possible with the help of a controller and remote-control management. If wish to illumination changed and imitated the rhythm of music escort – no problem! Controller supports a function that synchronizes the nature of sounds and modes changes color scales.

2E Gaming CALLEO (GB700) – for motherboards Micro ATX, Mini ITX, MiniTower format. The chassis material is high-quality steel of the SPCC 0.5 mm standard. The side window is made of 4 mm tempered glass, which is fixed with screws and can be easily removed if necessary.

2E Gaming CALLEO (GB700) solid mesh front panel with ARGB lighting and built-in three 120mm ARGB fans on the front and an additional 120mm ARGB fan on the back.

You can change the color of the backlight using the button on the input panel and turn it off completely by holding it in the on position for a few seconds. So, you can adjust the lighting effect depending on the situation and your needs.

The 2E Gaming CALLEO (GB700) case is complete with a controller to which fans are connected and a remote control. It is possible to control the nature of the illumination, the speed of rotation of the fans, and the sound control function is provided. So, you can turn on musical accompaniment of different rhythms, the backlight will react to the beat.

2E Gaming CALLEO with connectors 1xUSB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0 HD AUDIO+MIC, designed for a video card up to 320 mm long and cooling for a processor up to 150 mm high. The body provides places for installing one- and two-section liquid cooling (240 mm radiator on the front and 120 mm on the rear panel). There’s also room for eight 120mm fans.

It is designed for two (three) 2.5-inch drives and has two (one) 3.5-inch compartments, 4 expansion slots.

The metal of the case is polished, there are no sharp points or protruding elements that will interfere with the process. The ATX format power supply unit is mounted in the lower part of the case on the side of the back panel. A standard dust filter is fixed directly below it on the bottom panel.

The legs are decorated with rubber inserts. The case does not vibrate on the surface and is well fixed. There is a removable magnetic dust filter on the top panel, which can be easily dismantled and cleaned if necessary.

All the necessary fasteners (screws for fixing components, remote control) according to the specification are included in the package. Additional information is specified in the instructions.

2E Gaming CALLEO cases look stylish, compact parameters will fit into a modern interior and become its bright highlight. Controlled lighting will help reproduce the color of the mood. May he always be bright and positive! Together with 2E Gaming CALLEO it is real.

We invite you to join and evaluate the offer of cases from 2E Gaming and step confidently together with 2E Gaming towards educational and professional victories.

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