A versatile MG-001 PC microphone has a sleek design with black finish and bright red accents that fully complements the 2E Gaming style. Whether you are playing, communicating, studying or singing, the 2E microphone captures high-quality, crisp sound that everyone will hear!

Stable metal base with non-slip surface, durable body made of high-quality materials and flexible, adjustable microphone holder ensure optimal ergonomics while using. No matter how intense and emotional the game is, the massive microphone construction will always stay in place.

High-quality sound capture and recording are ensured by a highly sensitive omnidirectional microphone equipped with a flexible holder that allows to optimally adjust the tilt angle during online communication or streaming. With an external 3,5mm audio port, you can easily plug in a headset. Moreover, a quick mute function is provided with a single button, which certainly provides additional comfort that all demanding gamers will definitely appreciate.

Special features:

  • Stable solid construction with non-slip coating
  • Flexible holder with adjustable tilt angle
  • Smooth volume control
  • Does not require Software installation (Plug&Play)
  • External 3,5 mm audio port for connecting a headset
  • Quick mute button with LED indicator
  • Highly sensitive omnidirectional microphone

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