A gaming pad is an accessory that can significantly affect your game results. A properly selected pad makes the difference between just a good player and a champion. For maximum gamer control of every mouse movement and the gaming battles course, 2E has just introduced two new 2E Gaming Mouse Pad series – CONTROL and SPEED, to suit different requirements and play styles.

On the one hand, the series are similar to each other. Both of them use reliable materials, have a water-repellent coating, discreet but sophisticated design, and are compatible with both laser and optical sensors. On the other hand, they have their own unique features to ensure the best gameplay experience and maximize the achievement of the desired result.


Control the lightest moves – Win the entire game battle

The name of the 2E Gaming Mouse Pad CONTROL series speaks for itself. These gaming mouse pads have a textured surface to provide the maximum level of control and give confidence in the quality of the transmission of each move. The pad helps ensure that even the slightest movement is crisp and every shot is accurate, while the opponent continues to frantically slide his mouse over the uncomfortable gaming surface.

To keep the maximum control over the gaming process in any conditions and at any time, several sizes of the CONTROL series gaming pads have been developed: Pad M (360×275 mm), Pad L (450×400 mm), Pad XL (800×450 mm) of 3 mm thickness each, as well as 2 models of pads with a thickness of 4 mm: Pad XXL (940×450 mm), Pad 3XL (1200×550 mm).

All pads are provided with two special types of covering layers, the first one allows it to always stay in one place and not to slip, and the second one prevents water absorption.


Be proactive to win 

Thanks to the ultra-smooth finish, the 2E Gaming Mouse Pad SPEED offers maximum freedom of mouse movement. Instant reaction during the game session is a crucial advantage in intense shooters, as it allows you to be one step ahead of your opponents.

Depending on the size of gaming desktop and gamer`s preferences, the SPEED series offers several sizes of gaming pads for optimal ergonomics: Pad M (360×275 mm), Pad L (450×400 mm), Pad XL (800×450 mm) each of them are 3 mm thick, as well as Pad XXL (940×450 mm), Pad 3XL (1200×550 mm) 4 mm thick.

High-quality pad materials, well-thought-out anti-slip and moisture protection guarantee the durability and advanced wear resistance of these gaming pads, as well as make it unnecessary to constantly get used to a new pad due to the inconsistency of the previous one.

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