Five new series of 2E Gaming chairs are able to satisfy even the most demanding gamers of all ages, with different preferences and requirements for gaming accessories. The series have different design and construction features, but all of them effectively support the user’s back and significantly reduce fatigue during long hours of playing or working at the computer.

The series is represented by BASAN, BUSHIDO, HEBI, HIBAGON and OGAMA subseries. To allow the user to adjust the chair to his/her maximum comfort, in all series (except for the HEBI, in which the backrest tilt is not available), the backrest angle ranges from 90˚ to 180˚, the chairs are equipped with a class 4 reinforced gas lift, a “butterfly” tilt control mechanism, adjustable armrests and anatomical cushions for the lumbar and neck (except for the HEBI series).

Artificial leather upholstery is easy to clean, it is breathable and removes heat. Almost all the new chairs are covered with it. But the BUSHIDO Grey model outstands with an all-fabric upholstery for natural feeling fans.

All chairs are equipped with high-density foam filling – a material that is most optimal and efficiently supports the user’s body, adapting to it, “remembering” curves and, moreover, allowing air in and out.

As for the features of the BASAN series, it is worth noting a high-quality combination of gaming functionality with an exquisite classic design in black. The upholstery of this chair is made from premium artificial leather and has a perforation on the seat and backrest for better air circulation.

The BUSHIDO series includes four stylish, unique designs for all tastes: black, black with red, black and white and sophisticated grey.

Unlike the chairs of other series, which are based on a metal base and a steel frame with nylon straps, in the HEBI series (two models: black with green and black and white) the base is made of reinforced plastic. Since the chair is mainly targeted at teenagers weighing up to 100 kg. Therefore, it is strong enough, but at the same time lightweight, so that it was easy for teenagers to use it.

HIBAGON chairs are distinguished by their ergonomic design (two models: black and red and camouflage) and 3D-adjustable armrests.

The brightest series is OGAMA, because these chairs are equipped with RGB backlight with the ability to customize effects with the help of the remote control. There is no need to connect the chair to the socket, just put the battery in a special pocket and you can enjoy the light scenarios for hours.


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