Power up your game space at full with the updated 2E GAMING PRO series of game surfaces!
The game surfaces’ range has been replenished with two series of the PRO line:

  • CONTROL series is for perfect precision.
    For the CONTROL line, a revolutionary textured surface made of ultra-strong jacquard has been introduced to solve problems required maximum control and clarity of every movement.
  • SPEED series is for maximum speed.
    The SPEED line uses state-of-the-art synthetic fibers that reduce friction. As a result, the speed of maneuvers is now completely up to the player, no obstacles in the way to victory.

Features of the entire 2E GAMING PRO line:
– improved textured base made of rubber to fix the position on the table,
– water-repellent surface,
– the edges are reliably contour stitched for long-term use,
– universal monochrome design,
– bottom layer of the base is rubber.

2E GAMING PRO game surfaces are available in sizes from M to 3XL to successfully complement any game setup!
The smallest size is M, measures 360 × 275 mm, the largest size is 3XL, measures 1,200 × 550 mm.
Thickness for size: M, L, XL – 3 mm; XXL, 3 XL – 4 mm.

2E GAMING PRO SPEED game surfaces are presented in black and white, 2E GAMING PRO CONTROL series are in black.

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