Autumn is a time when the popularity of video games is growing again. So, it is appropriate to improve your own arsenal of accessories. We recommend paying attention to the new 2E Gaming, namely HG300 3.5 mm (black with yellow additions), HG330 3.5 mm (white and black), HG340 3.5 mm (yellow and black), HG330 7.1 (white and black), HG340 7.1 (yellow and black) gaming headsets. They will become reliable allies in games, learning and communicating with friends.

All models have a bright RGB backlight and a sensitive removable omnidirectional microphone, except for the 3.5 mm HG300 — this headset has an incendiary LED backlight, and the microphone is not removable and unidirectional. The ergonomics of all headphones are designed for maximum comfort during long sessions. Durable and reliable headband construction. The weight of the headphones is small, that adds convenience. The material of the ear cushions — eco-leather. Length of a cable with a fabric braid — 2 m. Range of frequencies of headphones — 20 – 20 000 Hz.

The HG330 7.1 and HG340 7.1 models have unsurpassed super-realistic sound, proprietary software with the ability to customize to your needs, and a USB interface.

Other models have crystal clear, deep sound, and the connection interface: F 3.5 mm × 2 + USB 2.0.
The headphones are compatible with Windows 10/7 and older versions, Linux, MacOS, Android.

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