The 2E Gaming HyperSpeed WL Lite and Pro computer mice are designed for professional gamers, real fans of high control and accuracy in any gaming situation.

Mice of 2E Gaming HyperSpeed Lite WL series can run both without a cable and via USB Type-C cable, so there is no need to stop playing when you run out of power. Moreover, the built-in battery is charged while playing through the cable.

A lightweight, ergonomic design made of premium materials, with hexagonal-shape holes, provide HyperSpeed mice with undeniable advantages in e-sports competitions.

The mice are equipped with 16,8 million colours RGB-lighting, so you can choose your own game and victory colours. Create a truly bright and vibrant gaming atmosphere with ten backlight scenarios and an unlimited number of colours and shades.

With updated powerful branded software, you can quickly change settings of DPI, polling frequency, RGB-lighting, key assignments, and assigned macros’ entries. The mice support four levels of polling frequency control: 125-250-500-1000, mouse sensitivity adjustment, scrolling speed adjustment or by page, as well as the double-click speed. For the convenience of usage, a several user profiles can be saved with the ability to export and import.

PTFE glides take the speed and precision of every HyperSpeed mice’s movements to a whole new level. The scope of the delivery also includes replaceable glides in case the original ones are worn out, which is almost impossible. Therefore, easy-glide, maximum sensitivity and quick response are guaranteed!

HyperSpeed mice will serve more than one game season, as the range of the Huano and Omron switches is more than 20 million keystrokes.

Instant reaction to every gaming moment with the incredible Pixart sensors. Change DPI settings from 100 to 19000  and choose your own rhythm of the game with the HyperSpeed Pro WL mouse, which operates on PixArt 3370 sensor and gives a new experience of speed, accuracy and energy efficiency.

The HyperSpeed Lite series also uses one of the standard PixArt 3325 sensor with a DPI setting from 200 to 10000 on one axis.

  • Ultra-lightweight body design with hexagonal holes
  • Huano (Lite WL Series) and Omron (Pro WL Series) switches
  • PixArt 3325 (Lite WL Series) and PixArt 3370 (Pro WL Series) sensors
  • Fine-tuning DPI – 200-10000 (Lite WL Series), 100-19000 (Pro WL Series)
  • Maximum acceleration 20 G (Lite WL Series), 50 G (Pro WL Series)
  • Glides made of pure PTFE material
  • F-SWITCH scroll wheel encoders
  • Powerful branded software

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