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68 Key WL
The compact 2E Gaming KG360 wireless membrane keyboard made in popular 65% format, provides maximum comfort so the gamer can tackle the opponents in long gaming sessions. The stylish 2E Gaming KG360 is provided with an adjustable RGB backlight. 68 ultra-fast responsive keys have a life span of 10 million keystrokes. The robust design of the device is reliably protected from moisture ingress. The stability of the keyboard on the desktop is ensured by rubberized feet, and the height adjusting option makes it easy and handy for use.
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A keyboard that pleasing to the eye

2E Gaming KG360 сompact keyboard looks quite impressive – the developers paid maximum attention to detail to emphasize its style. The membrane keyboard is a classic that still does not lose its relevance. Form factor 65% – no numpad, smaller body, but access to most functions is retained.


No scrimping on materials – they are sturdy and reliable. Of course, this does not mean that you can strike the keyboard with your fist, but it will definitely serve you for a long time. The high-quality build: all elements of the 2E Gaming KG360 are fitted as close to each other as possible, any backlash or squeaks are excluded – users will appreciate it.

Bright backlight

To keep up with the latest trends, the keyboard KG360 is equipped with a vivid RGB backlight, so you can customize the colour and dynamic effects to your preferences. RGB-backlight will help you to navigate faster even in a stressful situation, when the success of the battle depends on the speed of reaction. Gaps between keycaps and symbols are also highlighted, and you can also set a steady or blinking backlight effect or turn it off. The brightness and even the speed of the backlight can be adjusted to suit individual preferences and start to battle.

Ensures maximum control

The ergonomic shape of plastic keycaps feels great under your fingertips and gives a feeling of absolute control. In addition, thanks to the high-quality engraving of the layout, the KG360 will appeal not only to gamers, but also to those who need to type a lot – office workers, students, etc.
Gamers will appreciate 19 keys with Anti-Ghosting technology support, which protects against phantom clicks when, due to design features, keys that you did not press are triggered. And with a life span of 10 million keystrokes, the 2E Gaming KG360 will help you get the taste of victory in more than one battle.

Maximum protection

The 2E Gaming KG360 model is waterproof. This is not a green light to constantly spill the tea on it, and then record a video for Tik-Tok and feign surprise at the invulnerability of the device. The protection will work against accidental drops of liquid.


If your desk looks like a dump with piles of cables, the 2E Gaming KG360 wireless keyboard is the best choice for you. The device is convenient to take with ypu wherever you go. It is a high time to forget about the tangled tangles of wires.


The 2E Gaming KG360 keyboard is equipped with rubberized feet that prevent sliding on almost any surface. Thanks to the folding legs it is possible to set the required angle of inclination, for this purpose there are two levels of height – you just need to choose a comfortable one.

Flexible keyboard

2E Gaming KG360 keyboard is compatible with Windows 10/7 and major ones, Linux, MacOS. Just plug it into your device and get to work!
  • 68 responsive ultra-fast keys
  • RGB backlight (three modes)
  • Ukrainian layout
  • Robust, durable construction
  • Quality material
  • Rubberized folding legs
  • RGB-backlit characters
  • 19 Anti-Ghosting keys
  • Height adjustment (two levels)

2E Gaming Keyboard KG360 RGB 68 Key WL Black 2E-KG360UBK:

Where to buy
  • Type
  • Form-factor
    Compact 65%
  • Connection type
  • Cable length, m
  • Battery capacity, mAh
  • Type of keys
  • Number of keys, pcs
  • Ukrainian keyboard
  • Backlight
  • Backlight brightness adjustment
  • Backlight speed adjustment
  • Moisture proof
  • Resource
    >10 million clicks
  • Software
  • Material
    ABS plastic
  • Color
  • Features
    Rubberized folding legs, two-level stand height adjustment, Anti-Ghosting function (19 keys)
  • Compatibility
    Windows 10/7 and later, Linux, MacOS
  • Package content
    Keyboard, USB-C cable, USB receiver
  • Dimensions (WxHxD), mm
  • Weight, g
  • Manufactured
  • Warranty
    12 months

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