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The 2E Gaming HyperDrive Pro mouse has an adaptive design, symmetrical shape and adjustable weight for a variety of tasks. Kailh’s ultra-fast 80m-click Black mamba main switches, pure PTFE glides and intangible paracord cable provide maximum comfort in work and games. The powerful 2E Gaming HyperDrive Pro mouse software expands the ability to fine-tune all key functions.
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Thoughtful “rodent”

Stylish 2E Gaming HyperDrive Pro has a symmetrical body and is made of quality materials. The model is designed to grip both right and left hand. The kit includes plugs which will help you to change the hand. With such a handy manipulator your hand will never get tired during hours of raids or dungeon trips.

A tool for the power and strength of the gamer

One of the advantages of the 2E Gaming HyperDrive Pro is the most productive PixArt 3389 precision sensor with 6 adjustable sensitivity levels from 100 to 26000 DPI on two axes, which ensures clear positioning on any surface. The frequency of the mouse poll can be easily adjusted to four steps: 125-250-500-1000 Hz, so that the delay is almost imperceptible, and the mouse becomes a virtual hand of the player.

Maximum readiness

In the world of orcs and elves, vampires and werewolves, dwarves and other fantasy creatures, you should always stay alert and be ready for battle. This is possible with a 2E Gaming HyperDrive Pro, which is equipped with Kailh brand black mamba quick switches with a resource of 80 million clicks. The glides of this device are made of pure PTFE material with a low coefficient of friction and will provide easy sliding and maximum sensitivity. If the original is worn out, there will be replaceable glides.
There is a wide scroll wheel between the main buttons. Scrolling is gently, and its positions are barely perceptible when rotating. The manufacturer has chosen the F-SWITCH encoder to solve highly complex tasks during quick strategies and other games.
2E Gaming HyperDrive Pro has a “tail”, a flexible custom cable. It is made of paracord, a light and durable material that can be easily folded if necessary.

Tactility and magic of special effects

The set includes two removable panels – smooth and perforated. The first will be appreciated by fans of the classics, it is pleasant to touch and less prone to fingerprints. Perforated will appeal to fans of everything extraordinary, the backlight looks spectacular with it. But perforation is not just a design trick. In addition to its decorative function, it reduces weight, improves palm ventilation and grip. The backlight in 2E Gaming HyperDrive Pro is neatly implemented and has 10 scenarios and a huge number of colors and shades.

Universal fighter

If the user is not obsessed with one game, he often changes them, destroying enemies with a sniper rifle, then leading his own army. 2E Gaming HyperDrive Pro will show a decent level in any of them. If necessary, the mouse will help in work or study, a small upgrade is needed.

Adjust to yourself

With powerful and easy-to-use proprietary software you can quickly change DPI settings, poll frequency, RGB backlight, button assignment and macro recording, and the player is ready to respond to any unexpected attack. 2E Gaming HyperDrive Pro is compatible with Windows 10/7 and older versions, Linux, MacOS.
Are you playing an incredibly drive shooter or RPG? Are you a fan of MOBA games? In each of the games, the gamer will be the winner together with the mouse 2E Gaming HyperDrive Pro.
  • Symmetrical shape
  • PixArt 3389 sensor
  • Kailh 80M Super fast main switches
  • Paracord cable 1.8 m
  • Scroll wheel encoder F-SWITCH
  • Pure PTFE glides

2E Gaming Mouse HyperDrive Pro Black 2E-MGHDPR-BK:

  • Type
    Gaming mouse
  • Series
    HyperDrive Pro
  • Connection type
  • Interface connection
  • Cable length, m
  • Sensor type
    Optical PixArt3389
  • DPI
    800/1600/2400/3600/5000/16000 dpi
  • Adjustable DPI
    100-26000 (using software)
  • Acceleration, G/sec
  • Polling Rate, Hz
  • Scanning frequency, FPS
  • Number of buttons
  • Scrolling
  • Сompatibility
    Windows 10/7 and later, Linux, MacOS
  • Case material
  • Color
  • Ergonomics
  • Features
    Teflon (PTFE) glides, RGB-backlight, Kailh switches (80 million clicks), F-SWITCH scroll wheel encoder, proprietary software support
  • Dimensions (WxHxD), mm
  • Weight, g
  • Manufactured
  • Warranty
    12 months

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