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Mouse Pad

PG300 M
SKU: 2E-PG300B
2E Gaming Mouse Pad completes your battlestation and gives you the confidence in the accuracy of each mouse movement. Thanks to a special Control coating, this pad is perfect for both laser and optical sensors.
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Compact size

The Mouse Pad М of 360×275 mm size and 3 mm thickness will be perfect for everyone. The size has been customized thoughtfully, so that the pad does not take too much space but, at the same time, is large and spacious enough to not interfere with mouse movements even during the most intense game.

Perfect movement control

Special non-slip coating of the pad is specially designed to enable your mouse to move quickly and accurately transmit even the slightest movements, not to slip and stay stable at the most crucial moments when the target is already in sight and you just need to wait for the right moment to make an accurate shot.

Reliability and durability

The stitched edge of the pad and the special water-repellent coating guarantee a longer life and higher level of wear resistance. Therefore, there is no need of frequent pad replacement and constantly getting used to new gaming surfaces.
  • Thickness 3mm
  • Versatile surface with maximum motion control level
  • Size M (360×275 mm)
  • Stitched edge
  • Water-repellent coating
  • Non-slip coating

2E Gaming Mouse Pad Control PG300 M Black 2E-PG300B:

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  • Type
    Mouse Pad
  • Series
  • Material
    Rubber, Microfiber
  • Color
  • Dimensions (WxHxD), mm
  • Compatibility
    Laser and Optical sensor
  • Features
    Anti-slip Base, Stitched Contour, Moisture Protection
  • Warranty
    12 months

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