Let’s find out what is the difference between Speed and Control mats, and what do they have in common?
The Speed series is an ultra-smooth surface for maximum mouse speed.
The Control series is a textured surface with optimal mouse movement control.

Both series of mats are made of moisture-resistant material, have a stitched contour, and the base does not slide on the table. The mats are compatible with mice that have a laser or optical sensor.

Mats are presented in 5 sizes: from size M (36×27.5 cm) to size 3XL (120×55 cm).
Thickness for the size M, L, XL – 3 mm, and for XXL, 3 XL – 4 mm.

The Speed series is better for games. Especially if you like shooter games. And if you need a mat for both gaming and work – choose the Control series, because it is more versatile.

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