Are gaming chairs a whim or a necessity? Wrong body position during long game battles can not only hinder the desired victory, but also negatively affect your well-being. Therefore, you should not take risks and choose between health and your favorite hobby. The 2E chair line is a perfect combination of functionality, affordability and the possibility of a bright self-expression of the player.

In recent years, the culture of gaming has developed so much that special gaming accessories have moved from the category of whims to the position of “must-haves”. Such attributes, in particular chairs, are not just a bright addition to the gamer’s arsenal, but also additional comfort, which creates a solid basis for future triumphs. The chairs emphasize the character of the player, and their functionality is designed to properly distribute the load on the spine and arms, relieve excess tension from the muscles of the back, shoulders and neck.

The chair should be chosen taking into account the personal characteristics of the user, it should be as customizable as possible, because the age and physique of the players are completely different and there is no average value for them. Of course, you should not forget about the design of this gaming furniture – a well-chosen chair will set you in a positive mood and create the atmosphere necessary for victory. The 2E line features both bright design solutions and more understated ones especially for those who, in addition to virtual battles, devote a lot of time to work or other computer activities.

2E Gaming GC25 Black/Red

2E Gaming GC24 Black/White

Grown-up benefits

Childhood and adolescence are especially important stages in the development of body and the formation of personality. This often carries in the world of computer games. Therefore, it is important to choose a chair that will promote the correct body position and comfortable weight distribution. And, of course, the owner must like it.

Designed specifically for young users, the 2E Gaming GC21 (JUNIOR) gaming chair has a wooden frame, which is made taking into account age characteristics. The back is shorter than usual, as well as, in fact, the seat. The chair is lighter, but it does not affect its stability – the platform with five large wheels will not let the chair lose its balance, no matter how passionate the emotions during the game. The muscles of the shoulders and arms will not be overstrained, because the construction has comfortable wide armrests. Thanks to the faux leather from which the chair upholstery is made, the accessory will be a reliable assistant in many game seasons – the material is stable, it is convenient and easy to clean. In the design, the developers used a popular combination of colors: the black base is complemented by red inserts, which best reflects the fighting spirit of its owner.

2Е Gaming GC21 (JUNIOR) Black/Red Gaming Chair

  • Product Code: 2E-GC21BLR
  • Rotation 3600
  • Gas lift Class 3
  • Frame Wooden
  • Maximum Load 110 kg
  • Color Black and red

For health and comfort

Each victory has many components, and one of the most important is comfort. Every gamer is familiar with the feeling when the muscles of the arms, shoulders or back start to ache after a few hours of play. A well-chosen gaming chair will help to properly distribute the player’s weight, which will significantly reduce muscle tension.

2E gaming chairs have an adjustable anatomically shaped backrest that lowers by 135° and allows you to quickly change the position to a more comfortable one during the game. The adjusting is simple – the lever under the seat has a smooth quick response, so the player does not need to be distracted. You can also easily adjust the height and direction of the armrests using a button on the side of the structure.

Additionally, the chairs are equipped with removable cushions, thanks to which you can relieve tension from the neck, shoulders and back. The cushions can be positioned at any level with the help of the fastening straps. Only in GC24, the back cushion has no fastening.

2E Gaming GC23 Black/Blue

2E Gaming GC22 Camouflage

However, no matter how comfortable the chair is, if the structure is unreliable, there is a risk of quickly “throwing up the game”. The basis of 2E gaming chairs is a metal frame that will withstand all the “emotions” of the player and will not lose stability in tense moments of the game. A wide platform with large wheels further strengthens the player’s position and gives confidence in the movements. Durability and reliability are ensured by the class 4 gas lift. Faux leather is used for the upholstery of the seat and back of the chair, so it will be super easy to care for.

The chair is a big accessory, so it is important that its design not only satisfies the player’s requirements, but also fits the interior. The 2E gaming chair line features four design options, among which everyone can choose the one that will most successfully create a winning atmosphere, taking into account the needs of the user.

2E Gaming GC252E Gaming GC232E Gaming GC222E Gaming GC24
Product Code2E-GC25BLR2E-GC23BLB2E-GC22CAM2E-GC24BLW
Gas LiftClass 4
Armrest adjustmentUp/downUp/downIn three planesIn four planes
MaterialFaux leather
Maximum Load150 kg
ColorBlack and redBlack and blueKhakiBlack and white

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