2E Gaming Monitor Mount Stand 2MCBG – stand for two monitors made in black colour with red accents. The design of this stand complements the e-sports spirit of 2E Gaming series – which means that whether the fierce game battle or just an effective execution of work tasks will certainly be under your most precise control!

The stand bracket is equipped with an extremely convenient and optimal fastening system, and does not take up much space on the work surface. The stand fits monitors with a diagonal from 19″ to 32″ and can withstand loads up to 8 kg. But the convenient PIVOT rotation system will help to fix the display in the desired, most comfortable position.

Thanks to a special adjustable spring mechanism, you can independently adjust the optimal position – tilt/turn/rotation. Thanks to the convenient cable laying system, all the wires can be tied together and hidden to maximize the enjoyment from gaming or working without hindrance. Now no wires will bother you, complete freedom!

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