Every inflammatory game session is a journey. And every journey becomes even more interesting when you have reliable fast wheels under you. Gamers of any level will find the wheels they need for a chair in the 2E Gaming line.
Removable wheels for gaming chairs 2E Gaming are made of durable thermopolyurethane. They not only work for a long time, but also extend the life of the floor, save expensive parquet and laminate. The movement of the chair on such wheels is smooth and silent: they do not interfere with hearing everything that happens in the game and do not damage the nerves of others, even in the middle of a quiet night. Each wheel has a clamp to reliably fix the chair as needed.
The 2E Gaming GWH-003-BK universal wheels will best «work» with chairs for teenagers. They have a radius of 64 mm and an average rolling speed.
The bright wheels of the 2E Gaming GWH-001-RD Speed series are a slightly bigger and faster. The massive metal construction and high-quality bearing of these 76 mm wheels give an additional advantage in the most intense «battles».
The same construction, but a slightly different design have 2E Gaming GWH-002-CL wheels . They are designed for those gamers who want to control the game and everything that happens around.
Wheels of the 2E Gaming line can be used in all types of chairs with a seat diameter of 11 mm. However, they are not compatible with IKEA and JYSK chairs and stools.

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