The universal range of 2E Gaming includes computer cases, power supplies, air cooling systems for the processor, useful accessories for work, office, home computer systems and gaming stations. To bring your PC idea to life, you need to have a solid foundation. The body is precisely such a component. The comfort of the components and their coordinated operation during operation depend on a successful choice.

We offer new assortment items and popular 2E Gaming models that correspond to the trends of modern computer fashion with verified technical characteristics and optimal design.

2E Gaming Fantom GK701

Case 2E Gaming Fantom GK701B                                                      Case 2E Gaming Fantom GK701W

New to the 2E Gaming range, the almost transparent 2E Gaming Fantom GK701B/2E Gaming Fantom GK701W case is available in black and white respectively.

The 2E Gaming Fantom case is designed for Micro ATX, Mini ITX motherboards.

The kit includes 2xUSB 3.0, 1xUSB Type-C for quick exchange of information and provides the ability to place 1x 3.5 inch or 2(3) x 2.5”-inch drives, there are 5 expansion slots. The metal parts of the case are perforated, which promotes the active movement of heated air flows from the components of the case as efficiently as possible. Four 120mm ARGB fans are installed, connected to the controller. In total, there is enough space for 7 fans, one-, two- and three-section liquid cooling systems. The backlight can be controlled using a remote control.

Among the additional advantages of the 2E case Gaming Fantom should be noted two options for the position of the panel with connectors: on the left panel side or on the front panel side. Depending on ease of use, it is possible to simply rearrange the panel to the required position for safe transportation of the case, which can be removed if necessary. Thus, the glass the panel will appear completely solid.

The 2E Gaming Fantom case is for those who want to create the most transparent computer system with lighting elements.

2E Gaming Hexagon G338

Case 2E Gaming Hexagon G338                                                      Case 2E Gaming Hexagon G338W

Updated offer is the 2E Gaming Hexagon G338 case is presented not only in black, but also in white 2E Gaming Hexagon G338W.

The model has proven itself well among users and has also received an updated arsenal of connectors. Now 2E Gaming Hexagon with two USB 3.0 and one USB Type-C for fast information exchange.

The main characteristics and the presence of four built-in 120mm fans remained unchanged: three with ARGB lighting on the front panel, connected to the hub, and one 120mm on the rear panel. Tempered glass side panel.

2E Gaming Turbo G2057

Case 2E Gaming Turbo G2057B                                                Case 2E Gaming Turbo G2057W

The 2E Gaming Turbo G2057B / 2E Gaming Turbo G2057W case is a black and white model, respectively, with a built-in 200mm ARGB fan on the front panel and three 120mm ARGB fans connected to the hub. Control is possible using a button on the input panel and after connecting to the motherboard.

The front metal mesh panel is easy to dismantle and is actively ventilated. Tempered glass side panel.

2E Gaming Turbo is popular and looks modern due to its thoughtful design combined with technical features.

2E Gaming Galaxy

Case 2E Gaming Galaxy G2055

The 2E Gaming Galaxy case model will highlight the style and is suitable for creating a work PC or gaming station. The front panel has a clear geometric shape and actively ventilated perforations, complemented by illumination using a built-in ARGB strip. Through the glass side panel, you can demonstrate the system components.

The 2E Gaming Galaxy case has a classic, laconic design in a successful tandem with modern design elements and lighting. The kit includes one 120 mm ARGB fan on the rear panel and two 120 mm ARGB fans on the top panel (exhaust), which are synchronized with the backlight of the ARGB strip. The case is equipped with 1xUSB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0 connectors, designed for a video card up to 345 mm in length and cooling for a processor up to 160 mm in height. There is space for installing one-, two- and three-section liquid cooling. There is also room for six 120mm fans.

2E Gaming Runa G2107

Case 2E Gaming Runa G2107

The leader and most popular model is the 2E Gaming Runa G2107 case. Includes one 120mm ARGB fan. The front panel is decorated with a decorative element with ARGB glow that changes colors in sync with the fans. Tempered glass side panel.

2E Gaming Runa G2107 with modern equipment, designer lighting elements and affordable price.

2E Gaming cases features:

  • have a verified design and a rationally designed interior space. It will definitely be convenient for those who build their first computer and for industrial assembly. The metal of the housings is polished, without sharpening or protruding elements that will interfere with the installation process of the system components;
  • the power supply unit is mounted in the lower part on the side of the back panel. A standard dust filter is fixed directly under it;
  • the legs of the cases are decorated with rubber inserts. The cases do not vibrate on the surface and are well fixed;
  • there is a removable magnetic dust filter on the upper panel, which can be easily dismantled and cleaned if necessary;
  • the set includes all the necessary fasteners (screws for fixing components, ties) according to the specification. Additional information is specified in the instructions.

We offer to equip computer systems based on 2E Gaming cases with branded power supplies and air-cooling systems.

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