2E Gaming Privacy Policy

Your privacy is highly important to 2E Gaming. This Privacy Policy applies to websites owned by 2E Gaming. The provisions of this policy disclose the information policy regarding the 2E Gaming websites, This Privacy Policy discloses the information regarding the 2E Gaming websites, including the type of information that we collect, how we use it, and how you can correct, update, or change your personal data.

We reserve the right to change this “2E Gaming Privacy Policy” at any time. If we make changes, we provide previous versions on request so that you can see when and what kind of changes were done. If we make material changes to the “2E Gaming Privacy Policy”, we will notify you through announcements on this site or by your account email before the changes take effect. We strongly recommend checking this page from time to time to stay audited to the latest information on the “2E Gaming Privacy Policy”.

If you still have any questions regarding the “2E Gaming Privacy Policy” that we were unable to cover in full or satisfy, please contact our third-party conflict resolution service provider (free of charge) at:


How does 2E Gaming collect personal data? 

The user has the right to visit the 2E Gaming website without specifying personal data about himself. However, there are а number of points when we may need information from you.

For example, we may need you to provide information about your name and email address so that we can respond to your inquiries, process orders or provide an informational subscription. We may need you to provide your credit card details in order to purchase products. We warn you how personal information will be used before you provide it. If you want us to use this information for further contact with you, besides, fulfilling your requests, we will respect your decision. If you provide us with personal information about a third party, such as a colleague, we will assume that you have permission to do so. This information is used only to fulfil your request or for another reason why it could be provided.

How we use and transfer users personal data  

The following paragraphs have a more detailed description on how 2E Gaming may use your personal data and to whom we may transfer it. Your personal data will only be transferred to third parties in the manner described in this 2E Gaming Privacy Policy. We do not intend to sell your personal data to third parties.

Business processing

When you leave a request on the 2E Gaming website related to products or services purchase, purchase returning, receipt of marketing materials, etc., we will use the personal data provided in this request. To process your request, we may transfer your personal data to third parties, for example, 2E Gaming departments, our partners, financial and transport organizations, postal services, as well as government agencies involved in the execution of the transaction (for example, the customs’ office). You may also be invited to take part in a survey about the quality of services provided or market research.

Marketing purposes

Information provided to the 2E Gaming websites may be used by us and transferred to third parties for marketing purposes, upon your prior permission.

Service quality control 

Certain website transactions may also include a back-call when you or 2E Gaming representatives make a call. Please keep in mind that in some cases we may record such calls for further staff training and improving the quality of service provided.

Information for partner companies 

There are special sites created for 2E Gaming partner companies that can be visited by their representatives. Information transmitted to us via such sites may be used to develop business relationships with your company and other 2E Gaming partners (for example, to send newsletter updates about partner programs). Besides, some information about your company may be transferred to other partners, as well as current or potential customers of 2E Gaming (upon the determination of existing privacy agreements). In addition, you may be invited to participate in market research or survey about the quality of business or program services provided.

Restrictions required by law

In certain situations, 2E Gaming may be required to disclose your personal information in response to requests from government authorities, to meet national security or law enforcement requirements. Please keep in mind that under certain circumstances, personal data may be the subject of legal or other appeals, bankruptcy proceedings, orders or court orders. Therefore, when we believe in good faith, when required by law, we may disclose your personal information to protect our rights, your safety or the safety of others when investigating fraud cases or in response to a government agency request.

General practice for dealing with private information  

2E Gaming is an international group whose enterprises, technical systems, production and management structures operate in a transboundary regime.

The 2E Gaming privacy policy is aimed at protecting personal data worldwide. Your personal data may be transferred between the departments of 2E Gaming and third parties operating in different countries of the world.

While official data protection regulations are not strict enough in some countries, we stick to the privacy policy statements described below. If you have any questions about your personal information security, you can contact us at privacy@2E Gaming.com.

Data update 

Your personal data provided via the 2E Gaming website may be supplemented by information obtained from other sources. For example, if your company changes its postal address, we will make the appropriate amendments. Integrity and accuracy of data are the key to the high quality of our services.

Information provider services  

2E Gaming may use the services of information providers that collect, process and analyze data. The information providers we work with are obliged to comply with the 2E Gaming privacy policy.

We will keep and store your personal information as long as your account is active or, when continue to provide you with services. We also retain you to comply with applicable legal responsibilities, resolve disputes, and comply with our agreements.

Cookies, web beacons and other technologies

Like most websites, we automatically collect certain information and store it. We sometimes collect anonymous information from visits to our websites in order to improve our customer service. For example, we monitor the domains from which our site is visited and we also evaluate the activity of visitors on the 2E Gaming sites, but we do this in such a way that the information is not identified. This information is sometimes referred to as “clickstream data”. 2E Gaming or resellers on behalf of 2E Gaming may use this data to analyze trends and generate statistics to help 2E Gaming improve the service provided.

Besides, we collect personal data from you when conducting transactions: we may receive information about this transaction in an anonymous format and combine it with other anonymous information such as “clickstream data”. This information is used and analyzed only at a general level to help us collect statistical data. This information is not considered on an individual basis. If you do not want your transaction data to be used in this way, you can turn off your cookies in your web browser settings.

We collect information using a variety of technologies, including cookies. A cookie is a piece of data that a website can send to your browser, which is then saved on your computer as an anonymous tag that identifies the computer but not you personally. Some pages on the 2E Gaming websites use cookies or other technologies such as javascript. All web browsers have settings that allow you to turn off cookies completely. Please be aware that disabling cookies may restrict access to certain parts of the site.

Some 2E Gaming websites also use web beacons or other technologies such as javascript and ETag to tailor these websites to visitors. These technologies can be used on the majority of 2E Gaming websites. When a visitor accesses these pages, an anonymous message about this visit is generated, which can be processed by us or our suppliers. These web beacons usually work in conjunction with cookies. If you turn off cookies, web beacons and other technologies will still record page visits, but the data they receive will not be linked to other anonymous information and will not be taken into account.

In addition, we use Local Storage Objects (LSOs) such as Flash cookies and HTML5 to store settings information. Third parties we work with to provide ad service also use LSOs to collect and store information. Various web browsers may offer their own Local Storage Objects (LSO) deletion tools. To change your Flash cookie settings, click here:



We may cooperate with third parties to show ads on our sites and to manage our advertising on other (non-2E Gaming) sites. We or our third-party may use cookies technologies to collect information about your website activity in order to provide you with targeted advertising.

Personalized URLs

Another example of user interaction is website personalization. By accessing the personalized web pages, you will notice that the information about the products and services provided here is tailored based on your previous activities on the 2E Gaming sites, as well as other data provided earlier. You can receive an invitation to visit a personalized page as a link in an email, or as a message after entering the site or going to the registration page.

If you visit one of these sites, you agree to allow 2E Gaming to collect information about your visits, as well as its association with other information about you and your interactions with 2E Gaming. If you do not want your information to be used in this way, do not accept the invitation to visit these sites.

Children’s privacy  

2E Gaming products are designed for adults and children from 13 years old. We do not seek to collect information about children under the age of 13 and will delete such data as soon as we know the following. We also encourage parents to monitor the use of 2E Gaming products by their children.

Technologies for protecting private information

With the development of technology, controlling personal information is becoming easier. There are many products and services on the market to help protect your privacy. We recommend you to read the review provided in this article:  https://www.privacyalliance.org/resources/rulesntools.shtml.

Please note that 2E Gaming has not formally assessed the quality of the instruments described.

External sites links

2E Gaming websites may contain links to external web pages. 2E Gaming is not responsible for the private data protection at these sites.

Social media and widgets features  

Our website includes links to 2E Gaming social networks: this includes widgets with images of social networks (such as Facebook). These links can store your IP address and information about which page you visited on our site. Social media widgets are hosted by a third party or hosted directly on our site. Your interactions with them are governed by the social network privacy policy.

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