E-sports is quickly gaining popularity, so 2E GAMING is actively promoting the development of this area in Ukraine, becoming a prize partner of more than 50 tournaments since the beginning of 2024. The brand provides quality products to competition winners in eSports clubs, educational institutions and online platforms, supporting both professional leagues and competitions between beginners Counter Strike-2, Fortnite, FIFA 2024, CS:GO, Dota, etc.

Thanks to the brand’s active cooperation with the Cybersfera cyber club in Ivano-Frankivsk, players of all levels can feel maximum immersion in 2E GAMING technologies. The cyber club has created an exclusive 2E GAMING space – a place where everyone, from amateur to professional, can try out advanced technologies and immerse themselves in the gaming universe with new opportunities.

This Cybersfera corner has five gaming stations that are equipped with top 2E GAMING products – from powerful gaming systems to innovative accessories. Every component, like Vertex GI01B cases with its unique cooling system or Extra Power power supplies, is designed for high efficiency and reliability. This approach to gaming hardware provides the best experience for gamers, allowing them to focus on the strategy and skills needed to win. Moreover, 2E GAMING has created not just a space for gamers, but a complete ecosystem, where every element meets high standards of quality and ergonomics. From BASAN II gaming chairs that provide comfort even during the longest gaming sessions, to R2723BV curved monitors for total gaming immersion. There are also comfortable headsets and keyboards, as well as innovative mice and vibrant gaming pads to make the gaming experience memorable and fun.

It’s not just about gaming, it’s about creating a community where everyone can find their place and have the opportunity to reach the top of their esports career. 2E GAMING makes this possible by investing not only in technology, but also in people, supporting their development and passion for gaming. In this space, every player is a winner – the hero of his own success story!

Get an unforgettable gaming experience in the 2E GAMING space in Ivano-Frankivsk at the Cybersfera cyber club at Zaliznychna street, 13.


Here is a short list of devices that are used to set up gaming places in the 2E GAMING space in Cybersfera cyber club. Each of these components contributes to creating an optimal gaming environment, ensuring comfort, efficiency and stylish design.

Cases 2E GAMING Vertex GI01B

  • Active cooling system with three 140 mm ARGB fans
  • Metal mesh front panel
  • Tempered glass side panel
  • Controller and remote control for backlight control

Air cooling system for processor 2E GAMING Air Cool AC120D4TC-ARGB

  • Addressable RGB lighting
  • Quiet 120mm hydraulic bearing fan
  • Aluminum heatsink surface and black coated copper heat pipes

Power supplies 2E GAMING Extra Power (850 W) EP850GM-140

  • 80 Plus Gold Certified
  • Modular design
  • High-quality Taiwanese capacitors
  • Quiet 140mm fan and aluminum radiator

2E Gaming Heracles ARGB SPRT-VGA graphics card holder

  • Magnetic base for easy fixation
  • Made from aluminum
  • ARGB lighting

Gaming chairs 2E GAMING BASAN II

  • Premium eco-leather
  • Perforation in the seat and back areas
  • Velor pillows for the collar and lumbar areas

Monitors 2E GAMING R2723BV

  • 27″Diagonal
  • 1500R curved matrix
  • Refresh rate 165 Hz
  • Brightness 300 cd/m²

Headsets 2E GAMING HG 330 7.1

  • Realistic 7.1 surround sound
  • Proprietary software
  • RGB backlight

Wireless gaming keyboard 2E GAMING KG 360

  • Compact form factor 65%
  • RGB backlight
  • Waterproof design

Wireless controller 2E GAMING HyperDrive Lite WL

  • Wired and wireless operating modes
  • Adaptive design with variable switches

Gaming surfaces 2E GAMING Pro Speed XL D01

  • Large size 800×450×3 mm
  • Ultra smooth polyester fiber
  • Textured rubber base

2E GAMING is constantly expanding the horizons of high-quality and affordable gaming for every Ukrainian. Accompanying all victories with drive and comfort!

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