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A set for gamers that makes gaming space both stylish and harmonious, making your gaming experience more controlled and seamless. The 2E Gaming HyperSpeed Pro is a lightweight pro mouse with special hexagonal honeycomb-shape holes for maximum movement accuracy. For providing even more confidence, the 2E Gaming Mouse Pad will never slip side to side. It provides extra stability for gamers who need it to accurately move and aim with precision. The last but not the least in the package is the laconic 4-in-1 cable holder from 2E Gaming Mouse Bungee Scorpio that protects the mouse from unnecessary movements and interference, as well as is provided with a three-port USB hub and SD Card slot for plugging in additional devices and smartphone charging.
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2E Gaming Bundle 3 2E-BND-003:

2E Gaming Bundle 3
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2E Gaming Bundle 3
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2E Gaming Bundle 3

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