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Modern graphics cards have become more powerful and productive, but also relatively heavier. For example, a top-of-the-line graphics card can weigh up to 2.5 kg and can occupy four expansion slots. The heavy weight and size of a device can deform or damage a PCIE connector.

The effect of a slight subsidence of the graphics card may appear gradually over time. After several years of operation, the tracks on the motherboard may be damaged and SMD components may be deformed. Theoretically, a rather heavy graphics card can break the connector directly.

To avoid such deformations and damage, manufacturers have begun to develop boards with reinforced PCIE slots. Under the weight of a top-of-the-line graphics card, the connector hole expands over time, which subsequently causes a loss of contact. The reinforcement helps to avoid the deformation process, but the graphics card will still sag.

To install the graphics card horizontally, you need to support the free corner, which means using a special holder. Some motherboards and computer cases come with such a stand already included. It is also possible to place the graphics card in a vertical position, but the choice of cases is significantly narrower, because there are not many similar solutions with additional expansion slots.

Of course, you can design such a graphics card stand yourself: it can be a segment or a part that is easy to install in the case as a holder. We suggest using the 2E offer.

The 2E GAMING Heracles ARGB SPRT-VGA graphics card holder is a useful accessory for PCs with modern graphics cards. It is not only a functional addition, but also a decorative element of the case interior with a transparent side panel. The holder can be used as an additional graphics card stand.

The device base is magnetic and easy to fix in a computer case.

The holder is made of aluminum with a plastic shaped insert through which the ARGB backlight is displayed.

The height and position of the graphics card can be adjusted and fixed using the slider on the back. The holder design is durable and easy to use.

ARGB backlight can be activated by connecting a +5V 3pin ARGB device to the motherboard. It is also possible to synchronize the light with the color display of other system components.

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